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      Chemipharm Sterisept Desinfectant Wipes (100pcs)
      • Chemipharm Sterisept Desinfectant Wipes (100pcs)

      Chemipharm Sterisept Disinfectant Wipes (100pcs)


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      Alcohol-free wipes for disinfection and cleaning of medical devices

      -free from alcohols, aldehydes, phenols and PHMB;

      -combines cleaning and disinfection;

      -good material compatibility.

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      STERISEPT WIPES are alcohol-free rapid disinfection wipes for invasive and non-invasive medical devices and alcohol sensitive surfaces. Disposable wipes come in a convenient and ready to use packaging. STERISEPT WIPES do not contain alcohols, aldehydes or PHMB and can be used on all water-tolerant surfaces in the medical area Due to a specially developed formulation, STERISEPT WIPES have a good material compatibility together with good cleaning properties. 

      STERISEPT WIPES have a broad spectrum of bactericidal (incl. MRSA, VRE), mycobactericidal (incl. Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium terrae), fungicidal and yeasticidal activity. The product is also active against viruses (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia and Rota) and spores (incl. Clostridium difficile). STERISEPT WIPES have a good material compatibility with surfaces and instruments made of stainless steel, glass, aluminium, copper, brass, ceramics, PVC, rubber, plastics, silicone, acrylic and plexiglass.


      STERISEPT WIPES are ready for use. Open the cover of the bucket and pull out the impregnated wipe up to the perforation. To tear off the wipe, pull it suddenly and at a slight angle. After tearing off the wipe, close the cover immediately to prevent the wipes drying . 

      Thoroughly wipe the surface with the impregnated wipe, ensuring complete coverage. Contact time is at least 60 seconds or depending on required efficacy (see table). STERISEPT WIPES are a perfect product for rapid disinfection of medical devices and equipment, it is also suitable for surfaces like patient nearby surfaces, examinationcouches, physiotherapy mattresses, operating tables, patient chairs, wheelchairs, stretchers, trays and trolleys.

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      Chemipharm Sterisept Disinfectant Wipes (100pcs)

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