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      Chemipharm Sterisept Instrument Desinfectant (1000ml)
      • Chemipharm Sterisept Instrument Desinfectant (1000ml)

      Chemipharm Sterisept Instrument Disinfectant (1000ml)


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      It is a new generation concentrate that does not contain phenols, aldehydes and phosphates. The preparation has a broad bactericidal effect, it inactivates bacteria, including tuberculosis mycobacteria, and viruses (HB, HIV, Rota, etc.), as well as fungi.

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      Due to the surfactants contained in the composition, the preparation has good cleaning properties. Removes blood, proteins, fats and secretions well. Quickly and completely rinses off disinfected instruments. The preparation decomposes chemically and can be poured into the sewage system after use. The use of working solutions is harmless to people and the environment. The preparation disinfects and cleans all instruments, endoscopes, optical instruments and their auxiliary parts, laryngoscopes, dental instruments, laboratory vessels and other medical supplies. Suitable for use in ultrasound baths, endoscopes and instrument washing machines. The short disinfection time and low concentration of the solution allow the preparation to be used economically.


      After use, the instruments are fully immersed in the working solution. Endoscopes are cleaned and disinfected according to manufacturers' recommendations. After the specified exposure, the instruments are cleaned mechanically and rinsed with running water, then rinsed with distilled water. Working solutions are made by diluting the concentrate with water.

      Work safety instructions:

      -use household rubber gloves when working with the preparation;

      -work in a well-ventilated room;

      -avoid contact of Sterisept with preparations containing aldehyde;

      -keep out of the reach of children

      First aid:

      -if the product gets on the skin, wash well with soap, rinse well with water;

      -in case of contact with the eyes, wash abundantly with running water, if necessary consult a doctor.

      -after entering the digestive system, drink a lot of lukewarm water, induce a vomiting reflex and, if necessary, consult a doctor.


      Quaternary ammonium compounds, dodecyldiamine, ethanol, non-ionizing surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, complex substances, foam regulators.

      The pH of the concentrate is 10

      The prepared working solution is suitable for use for 7 days.

      Store the concentrate in a well-closed container at a temperature not lower than +5 C.

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      Chemipharm Sterisept Instrument Disinfectant (1000ml)

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