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      Mikrozid Universal Wipes | Disinfectant Wipes
      • Mikrozid Universal Wipes | Disinfectant Wipes

      Mikrozid Premium Universal Wipes (100pcs.)


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      Mikrozid Premium Universal Wipes (100pcs.)

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      - unique low alcohol formulation - blend of two alcohols 

      - dual action - cleaning and disinfection with one product 

      - added surfactants for outstanding cleaning 

      - compatible with a wide range of materials including: leatherette, tablets and displays 

      - effective in 1 minute (EN16615 4-field-test) 

      - large high quality fleece wipes (20 x 20 cm) 

      - dermatologically tested


      One soft-pack contains 100 ready-to-use pre-saturated

      wipes.100 g solution contain the following active ingredients:

      17,4 g Propan-2-ol, 12,6 g Ethanol (94 % w/w)

      Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: < 5%

      anionic surfactants

      Schülke – is one of the leader in the market in areas of infection prevention and hygiene. Comapny was founded by Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr in 1889. Many years this company supply innovation and only best quality products to the market. All products made by Schülke company are safe to use and environmentally friendly, also at the same time, products maintain high standards of customer and manufacturer. 

      We would like to introduce Mikrozid universal wipes. In each package you will find 100pcs of wipes. Mikrozid paa wipes are alcohol based wipes and can be used in areas which needs desinfection. You can use to clean keybords, communication equipments such as tablets or smartphones, also wipes can be used for medical surfaces, couches. Wipes are very easy to use, you don‘t need to clean surfaces after wipes usage, because they dry very quickly. You can be sure that surfaces will be clean and disinfected. This product is safe to use and it has Mikrozid wipes safety data sheet where you will find all necessary information for hygiene.

      Schulke Mikrozid features:

      - Mikrozid wipes are dermatologically tested;

      - Wipes are made in high quality;

      - Wipes are big and comfortable to use;

      - Free of fragrance and colouring;

      - Effectively reduces bacterias - fungi, HBV, HCV and HIV, Adeno, Noro and Rota viruses, Vaccinia viruses.

      Active ingredients: 100g of product containcs 25g Ethanol (94%) and 35 g Propan-1-ol. 

      How to use Mikrozid wipes?

      It is very easy to use wipes. Also, they dry really quickly and does not leave any signs after. You can use these wipes for disinfection – of home surfaces, couches in cosmetologic cabinet, operating tables and all work surfaces around it, medical equipment. Wipes are very effecttive for surface disinfection, also, very easy to use, because you don’t need to spray any liquids on surfaces and have towels to clean it. Everything you need for disinfection is Mikrozid wipes! They dry very quickly and do not leave signs on surfaces, so you don’t need to clean them after usage.

      Please, note that during usage avoid contact with eyes. If contact happened rinse with water. Use only for external purposes. Keep in place where children cannot reach this product.

      How to keep wipes?

      To avoid wipes dryiness keep them only in original packaging. Store package at temperature not exceeding 25 degrees, also keep away from direct sunlight. After usage close package tightly, this will help to avoid dry wipes.

      In our internet shop you can find related products manufactured by Schülke: Mikrozid AF liquid, Mikrozid sensitive liquid, Schülke wipes. Each customer will find best solutions for desifencation which will help to disinfect surfaces and be sure that their workplace is safe. 

      In our online shop you can find many others products for your procedure and desinfection. Visit our shop to choose best product. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support-we are more than happy to help you. 

      Have a nice shopping with us!

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      Mikrozid Premium Universal Wipes (100pcs.)

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