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    Silcare QUIN Hand & Body Oil Scrub (275ml)
    • Silcare QUIN Hand & Body Oil Scrub (275ml)

    Silcare QUIN Hand & Body Oil Scrub (275ml)


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    Scrub in its various forms has beneficial effect on our skin. There are many types of scrubs, starting with enzymatic peeling, through scrubs with fruit acids, powder and coarse-grain scrub.

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    Silcare company would like to offer a new form of scrub – Oil hand and body scrub. It is an ideal connection of oil formula with grounded natural coconut shell scrub, which effectively exfoliates dead skin cells.  The scrub improves circulation, stimulates skin regeneration, makes skin flexible, smooth and soft. It also support fight against cellulite and stretch marks. The product contains combination of grape and castor oil.

    In oil hand and body scrub, natural scrub of grounded coconut shell acts as exfoliating agent, which gently, but very effectively exfoliate epidermis. After using the scrub the skin is silky soft, firm and moisturized, nourished and elastic.


    -well moisturizes, nourishes skin;

    -gently oils, improves skin firmness, smoothens;

    -exfoliate and softens dead skin cells;

    -improves skins color and microcirculation;

    -oxygenates the skin and leaves protective film;

    -improves skin quality (structure and color);

    -improved elasticity and firmness of skin;

    -minimizes enlarged pores, removes blackheads;

    -smoothens superficial wrinkles, removes discoloration caused by the Sun;

    -reduce seborrhoea, better absorption of nourishing products;

    -younger and radiant skin;

    -leaves delicate film on skin;

    -does not require further care treatments;

    HOW TO USE: apply small amount of oil scrub to dry body or hands, massage for a moment, rinse body or hands with lukewarm or cool water. 

    Gently dry. Use 1-2 times per week. Don’t  use when skin of face, body or hands is irritated.

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    Silcare QUIN Hand & Body Oil Scrub (275ml)

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